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Clare makes smart home energy management simple.

Energy awareness and management with Clare

Energy Awareness

Sophisticated energy management products are indeed awesome.  But why bother if your heating or cooling system runs needlessly, if lights burn in empty rooms all day, and if the home theater entertains the cat all night?

Start by taking a close look at recent research on heating and cooling:

  • About half of the energy used in a typical home goes to heating and cooling.  
  • As much as half of that is wasted.  

Programmable thermostats can help, but even if the one you pick differentiates between weekends and weekdays, its payoff is only as predictable as your schedule.  Clare energy efficiency truly makes your home a smart home.

With ClareHome, you have more control.

With ClareHome, you can program custom settings for day and night, for separate seasons, and even for events, like parties or long absences.

You can make adjustments from anywhere, at any time, with your smartphone or iPad:

  • Lower the temperature as you drive home on a summer day.
  • Or crank it up a few degrees it before you climb out of your warm bed on a chilly morning.

Better Still?  Make a Scene

With multiple applications working together under ClareHome’s intelligent control, an energy efficient home is second nature.  In addition to locking the door, closing the garage, and arming the security system, your one-touch “Away” Scene can set the thermostat to a less demanding level, adjust the shades to block or admit the sunlight depending on the season, shut down all A/V electronics, and turn off every unused light in your home.

What could be simpler?

More Information:
"Put Scenes to Work for You" brochure

Energy Efficiency with One-Touch