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Clare - Safety and Security

Experience True Peace of Mind

There’s no feeling in the world like knowing you’ve done everything you can to safeguard your loved ones and your home. Intelligently integrated into ClareHome, home security systems can provide one of your system's greatest benefits: increased ability to keep a watchful eye on what matters most. Whether you're there or not.

Video Surveillance

Theft deterrence heads the list of reasons why video surveillance has moved so quickly from civic and commercial applications into our homes.  But it's much more than just security cameras…especially when integrated into ClareHome:

  • Keep an eye on home, property, pets, kids, elderly parents, or workers from anywhere, using your smart phone, iPad, or computer
    • Valuable when you’re away for the day or on vacation
    • Nearly indispensable if you’re away for months on end, or dividing your time between residences
  • Seeing who’s at the door without leaving your easy chair (or the tub, or bed)

Backyard Video Surveillance Cameras

Learn more about our video surveillance products.


Access Control Door Locks Garage Door

Learn more about our smart door lock products.

Smart Door Locks & Garage Door Control

Smart door locks help you say goodbye to concerns about securing your home.

  • Got that nagging feeling you forgot to lock the door?  No problem – check it’s status from wherever you are.  And lock it with a touch.
  • Notifications when family members arrive home
  • Temporary, emergency, and one-time codes for guests, neighbors, workers

In a "Welcome Home" Scene, a press of your visor button can open the garage, disarm the security system, unlock the door, turn on the kitchen light, and start streaming your favorite music station.

Security Integration

How do you make a great home security system even better?  Simple. Connect it to your ClareHome automation solution:

  • Check system status from home or away; arm or disarm with just a touch
  • Schedule arm/disarm events
  • Remote notifications of unscheduled arm/disarm events for enhanced security
  • Combine security events in Scenes with other applications

Clare Controls App on Android

Leak Detection

Learn more about our water detection & control products.

Leak Detection and Water Shut-Off

Millions are spent annually repairing damage caused by leaking pipes, corroded water heaters, water storage tanks, bathroom fixtures, laundry room hoses, and refrigerator drip pans. And that does not begin to account for the loss of irreplaceable personal belongings ruined by water.

The ClareHome solution? Install a Clare shutoff valve, place water sensors in strategic locations throughout your home, and quit worrying.

  • Clare's water detects water and activates the water valve if it is triggered.
  • The water valve instantly seals your incoming water supply line and activates an alarm or notifies you.

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