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Comfortable and Convenient

Convenience Redefined

Use ClareHome to slash the time and effort you’re wasting on burdensome, repetitive activities.  Like running around the house turning lights on and off.  Setting and resetting your thermostat.  Opening and closing shades.  Fiddling with pool and sprinkler controls.

With ClareHome, there’s a better way.  Faster.  Simpler.  And infinitely more enjoyable.

Smart Lighting and Shades

Whether you choose ClareVue or a third-party system, your automated lighting is every bit as much about energy efficiency as it is about taking maximum comfort and enjoyment from your home.

  • Smart lighting adapts your home for reading or working at your computer, for ambiance as you relax or entertain, for safety after dark.
  • Unlock the lighting options that live between on and off, reducing energy usage without sacrificing comfort or style.
  • Automating motorized window shades from popular manufacturers provides convenience and privacy, conserves energy by managing thermal gain or loss, and protects furnishings.

Lighting and Shades

Learn more about ClareVue Lighting products.

Climate Control with Clare

Learn more about Clare wireless thermostats.

Climate Control

ClareHome works with your wireless thermostat to take climate control to a new level of comfort.

  • Schedule basics, like day/night or seasonal adjustments
  • Make adjustments from anywhere, at any time, with your smartphone or iPad
  • Employ one-touch settings for events like parties, workouts, vacations, etc.

You can even synchronize energy-consuming systems to accommodate daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal environmental changes.

Pools...and More

A growing number of devices include interfaces that allow them to be placed under ClareHome's control.  As an example, integrating your pool control lets you schedule, initiate, or end cleaning and heating operations even when you’re not at home.

Other popular controllable devices include:

  • Water features
  • Gates
  • Fireplaces
  • Motorized sliding doors
  • Dog doors

Energy awareness and management with Clare

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